• What is LEAP/Title1

    What is LEAP/Title1

    WHAT IS L.E.A.P./Title 1?

    L.E.A.P. stands for Learn, Endeavor, Assist, and Progress. It is Montana City School’s Title 1 program, designed to provide additional academic support and learning opportunities for those students who need extra instruction in reading and mathematics. Eligibility is determined by teacher referral and observation, as well as data from school-wide normative tests such as MAPS, DIBELS and state CRT’s. L.E.A.P. is designed to be a flexible (meaning children move in and out as achievement dictates) grouping of students with similar academic goals and does not necessitate labels or specialized testing. Depending on the needs of each group, instruction may vary from differentiated, small group instruction using classroom materials to remediation with programs designed to deliver strategic and targeted skill interventions.

    Students will not receive L.E.A.P. services without parental knowledge and consent. Parent involvement is encouraged, welcomed and, in fact, mandated by the Title 1 program. We need as much feedback and input as possible to work effectively as a team and maximize each child’s learning potential. Student’s progress will be measured and recorded using both formal and informal measures. Parents will have access to that information, and in some cases (middle school), can access it on-line.

    The following page is a portion of Montana OPI’s website on providing a Multi-tiered System of Support for students. You may want to visit the site itself, but this graphic does illustrate an underlying concept of Montana City School’s LEAP program.


    The second page is an excerpt from the Washington State website on Title 1. I thought it was a particularly good general explanation of the federal law as it applies to all states, though; of course it’s not specific to Montana. The Montana Title 1 website address is also included.


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