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    So far this year has been everything I hoped it would be- and more! I have already seen tremendous potential and can't wait to see how far they go! Want to see what else we'll be doing? Keep reading.....

    Social Studies

      We will start out the year reviewing some key concepts from 4th grade. Since I know what we covered last year :) we will just touch on these, and move quickly on. This year the focus will be on early explorers, and how our country began, including both the Revolutionary and Civil wars. (I will add to this as soon as we begin the "new" content).


    Communication Arts

             As was the case in 4th grade, we will explore literature through both our literature text, and novel studies. In fact, we will begin the year reading, Island of the Blue Dolphin. In conjunction to reading, we will do extension activities that will strengthen our grammar and comprehension skills. Spelling will begin the second week of school with words pulled from our novel. When working from our literature text, our grammar and spelling will be tied to our weekly story. Spelling study sheets will be sent home at the start of the week, and tests will be on Fridays.


    Fifth grade math placements were determined at the end of last year, based on teacher input, MAPS data and math grades. Essentially, both Mrs. Fessenden and I will be teaching the exact same thing following our textbook, however the pace may differ. We will begin the year with place value review and expansion into billions. Assessment of students will be ongoing and class placement will be fluid based on student needs.


     Mrs. Fessenden will show you amazing scientific discoveries and allow you to explore hands on in her wonderful science lab/classroom. 

             Please help your student by checking their daily planner each night, discussing what the assignments were, and checking for a circled H , which means they have homework in that subject. Signing it nightly allows me to know that you and your child are communicating about the day they spent in 5KC. You may also communicate with me via the planner or through my e-mail. 
                     Important August dates:
                                                                        Aug. 24: 5-6 pm New family orientation
                                                                                                              6:00-PTA ice cream social
                                                                                                 6:30-Open house
                                                                                                 (bring your supplies & get settled)                             
                                                                                           Aug. 26: School begins! see you at 8:10
                                                                                            Sept. 7: Labor Day-no school













    Please feel free to contact me- My email is listed on this site.

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