DNA Welcome! My name is Seth O'Connell, and I teach 7th and 8th grade science, middle school Info Tech, Read Right and Write Right. This is my fourth year at MCS, and I feel so blessed to be here each and everyday. Last year, our classroom goal was to make the 2015-16 school year the best school year ever. While I think there was a sincere effort by both the students and myself to achieve this ambitious goal, another year of classroom experience has shown me that our goals need to be more specific and science has taught me that assessing our  achievement of those goals needs to be quantifiable through data.
    This year, I want our goals to be focused on individual growth shown through gained knowledge, learned skills and an improved scientific approach to problem solving and questions of the world around us. In addition, I want our classroom community to feel SUCCESSFUL by improving in content area, measurement, design, study and interpersonal skills as well as time management.
    The way we will show our growth and success is through a comprehensive semester exam, a digital portfolio and quarterly work on  a year long project.
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    I welcome questions, insight, collaboration and advice from both students and parents in order to reach our school's Core Goals of:
    1.) Creating a safe, positive and respectful learning environment, 2.) Being great caretakers of communication, and
    3.) Striving everyday for world class teaching/learning.
    I hope to use this website  as one tool to aid in improving the odds of achieving goals 2 and 3. The calendar below is a great place to check when discussing the class with your student. I am pretty good about keeping assignment and project information and due dates updated, and I will try to do a better job this year of keeping tests and quizzes posted in advance as well. I frequently check traffic to the site, so if it's being utilized, there is incentive to update it more frequently. Please check back often and contact me by email (soconnell@mtcityschool.net) at any time.